Gary Haigh is a versatile entertainer who has not only worked in the UK but throughout the World. With leading edge Magic effects that are well into the 21st Century its easy to see why you will often find him at Corporate events, theatres, Clubs & Institutions as well as appearing on Television.

Although Midland based Gary travels anywhere with an act to suit any and every occasion.


Nell Butler (Head of Channel 5 Factual Programming) said when she auditioned Gary for a TV show about Magic last year said; "WOW" "He really blew my socks off and we will be using him in our forthcoming production.

Billy Forrest (Summer Season Agent for Ladbroke and Pontins Holidays) said; "Gary is a very capable Magician, but more than that, he is an entertainer who will go far because he has a great personality"

Barbara Plant (Casting at Carlton Television); Gary auditioned for a TV show with us and we were so impressed by his Magical ability that we took him on board immediately & did not bother to see any of the other acts who had also been invited for audition"

Neil Morrissey Neil Morrissey (from Men behaving badly fame) said; "Its been a pleasure working with Gary for these past few months and I wish him well for the future"  


Michael Elphick Michael Elphick (Actor) and noted for his appearances in the ITV series "BOON" said; "Gary is a natural performer & I have enjoyed his company throughout this production"  


Syvester McCoy Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who) said; "DO THAT AGAIN!"  


Motaquip UK (Head of promotion's) said; "Gary performed 9 shows a day for 9 days at the Motor show and our stand was so busy that people were blocking the aisles trying to see his performances. I saw him perform certain effects a number of times and still don't know how he accomplished them, a real star & a very clever Magician"  

Iyan Evans (Wales National Rugby Squad member) said at a recent dinner; "How the heck did you do that, that's just impossible, you swine I was watching you all the time & there's no way you could do that, its impossible" Although he did not say "heck" but something else that we can't repeat here  


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